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FoodSaver V2460 Review

Review of: FoodSaver V2460

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On December 17, 2012
Last modified:June 8, 2013


FoodSaver V2460
Are you the buy big and freeze it kind of person? If you are, then the Foodsaver V2460 Advanced Design Vacuum Food Sealer is for you. This baby is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to ease of use and super design features that practically has the machine doing all the work for you. You just load it up, sit back and watch it go to town. How easy is that? That side of beef you bought with all those great looking T-Bones and New York strip steaks is only a few minutes away from being safely sealed in a well protected, heavy gauge plastic bag that will keep the freezer burn away and turn out a just cut looking fresh steak when it’s time to open it and partake of the good life.

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Our Review:

This baby has a flat touchscreen control pad and onboard storage for an 11 inch wide roll of bags that automatically feeds and cuts to size for whatever you’re putting in the freezer. You can also hand load the quart and gallon size bags that come in the box when you receive it. Sleek and efficient, the Foodsaver V2460 is the race car of the food sealer market and its high level of performance reminds you of just how powerful and intelligent a race car is. This machine has a CrushfreeTM feature that puts you in control when packaging delicate foods. At your touch, you can stop the vacuum sealing process at any point in time once the delicate food you’re sealing is safely contained in the bag. Try that with the utilitarian competitor’s machines. Overall, the ease of use and superior vacuum seal technology made the use of the Foodsaver V2460 Advanced Design Vacuum Food Sealer a joy to work with. To top off the experience, cleanup was a breeze after use.


  • Flat touchpad control panel with sensitive one touch operation
  • Hands-free sealing operation with the machine doing all the work for you
  • Built-in 11 inch bag-roll storage with cutter and easy to lock latch
  • 2 speed settings; 2 sealing levels; accessory hose port for the really big jobs
  • CrushFreeTM Instant Seal; stop on demand operation
  • Includes 11-inch-wide bag roll, 3 quart-size bags, 2 gallon-size bags, and accessory hose
  • Dimensions are approximately 13-4/5 by 18-2/7 by 6 inches
  • 1-year limited warranty


The ease of use, space-saving countertop design and control over the vacuum sealing process from the onboard touchscreen make the experience of using the Foodsaver V2460 a dream come true. The days of dreading the time spent sealing and freezing food is over. It’s actually fun to use this sealer.

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